The purpose of the Dutch Extreme Programming Interest Group (XP-NL) is to be a gathering point for people in the Netherlands who apply or are interested in Extreme Programming. See also ObjectivesVanXPNL and Evaluating ObjectivesVanXPNL . In addition to this Wiki, the MailingList is also used to keep each other informed and discussed. The main activity of the user group is organizing meetings.

Because the regular meetings of the XP-NL group are usually held in the Randstad, meetings in the region of Groningen are also organized. XP user NNL

We work closely with the Belgian XP XP.BE interest group. If you want to know who’s working with XP in the Netherlands and Belgium, you can take a look at the Personal Profiles .

Some information in English can be found on the Dutch XP Community page at Ward’s Wiki.

XP-NL is self-organizing, we aim for openness and as few rules as possible.